May 18

IF love is not worth loving, then life is not worth living,
Nor aught is worth remembering but well forgot;
For store is not worth storing and gifts are not worth giving,
If love is not.
Christina Rossetti

TO forgive our Enemies is a charming way of Revenge, and a short Cæsarian Conquest overcoming without a blow; laying our Enemies at our Feet, under sorrow, shame, and repentance; leaving our Foes our Friends, and solicitously inclined to grateful Retaliations.
Sir Thomas Browne

IT is certain, that a man who studies revenge, keeps his own wounds green, which would otherwise heal and do well.
Francis Bacon

WHEN a man injures me, I strive to lift up my soul so high that his offence cannot reach me.
René Descartes


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