June 2

THOU wilt not leave us in the dust:
Thou madest man, he knows not why:
He thinks he was not made to die:
And Thou hast made him: Thou art just.
Alfred Tennyson

BUT the greatest underweening of this life is to undervalue that, unto which this is but exordial, or a Passage leading unto it. The great advantage of this mean life is thereby to stand in a capacity of a better; for the Colonies of Heaven must be drawn from Earth, and the Sons of the first Adam are only heirs unto the second.
Sir Thomas Browne

LOOK up, and behold the eternal fields of light that lie round about the throne of God. Had no star ever appeared in the heavens, to man there would have been no heavens; and he would have laid himself down to his last sleep in a spirit of anguish, as upon a gloomy ‘earth vaulted over by a material arch—solid and impervious.
Thomas Carlyle

WE do not believe immortality because we have proved it, but we for ever try to prove it because we believe it.
James Martineau

THE truest end of Life, is, to know the Life that never ends.
William Penn


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