June 8

BE true to every inmost thought;
Be as they thought thy speech
What thou hast not by suffering bought,
Presume thou not to teach.
Henry Alford

IT is difficult to be always true to ourselves, to be always what we wish to be, what we feel we ought to be. As long as we feel that, as long as we do not surrender the ideal of our life, all is right. Our aspirations represent the true nature of our soul much more than our everyday life.
Max Müller

THERE is nothing the body suffers that the soul may not profit by.
George Meredith

UNLESS we perform Divine service in every willing act of life, we never perform it at all. The one Divine work, the one ordered sacrifice— is to do justice; and it is the last we are ever inclined to do. Anything rather than that! As much charity as you choose, but no justice.
John Ruskin


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