June 9

DWELT no power divine within us,
How could God’s divineness win us?
Johann. W. von Goethe

THE voice of Duty—what is it, if it be not the suggestion of God? Is it the mandate of your own fancy, imposed upon yourself—the mere imperative mood in the soliloquies of your own will? Not so; for were the law of your making, you might forgive its violation, and the thought that set it up might take it down; yet you feel its authority above your reach, and your boast of indifference to be a sad pretence. Is it a mere echo of men’s opinion—a deference to their arbitrary demands? Not so; for how often does it lift you above that opinion, nerve your heart to withstand the injustice of a crowd, and to fight the good fight though in the forlorn hope alone! As well might you persuade me that my own eyes created the daylight, or that the sunshine was the gift of public opinion, as that the sense of right was anything but the direct illumination of God, the piercing ray of the great orb of souls.
James Martineau

ALL things are moral. That soul, which within us is a sentiment, outside of us is law.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

DENY God, and whole branches of deeper morality lose their sanction.
Lord Acton


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