June 16

BY all means use sometimes to be alone;
Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear;
Dare to look in thy chest, for ’tis thine own,
And tumble up and down what thou find’st there;
Who cannot rest till he good fellows find,
He breaks up house, turns out of doors his mind.
George Herbert

IF thou desirest true contrition of heart, enter into thy secret chamber, and shut out the tumults of the world, as it is written, “In your chambers be ye grieved.” In thy chamber thou shalt find what abroad thou shalt too often lose. The more thou visitest thy chamber, the more thou wilt like it; the less thou comest thereunto, the more thou wilt loath it.
Thomas À Kempis

A CAPACITY for self-recollection—for withdrawal from the outward to the inward—is in fact the condition of all noble and useful activity.
Henri F. Amiel


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