June 19

GOD bends from out the deep and says,
“I gave thee the great gift of life;
Wast thou not called in many ways?
Are not My earth and heaven at strife?

“I gave thee of My seed to sow,
Bringest thou Me My hundred-fold? ”
Can I look up with face aglow,
And answer, “Father, here is gold.”
James Russell Lowell

THE duty of Christ’s minister is, generally speaking, to take the other side—that is to say, to resist the verdicts passed by the world upon men and things. Preaching mere abstractions, too, is not by itself of much use. What we are bound to do is not only to preserve the eternal standard, but to measure actual human being and human deeds by it. I sometimes think, too, it is of more importance to say, “This is right,” than to say, “This is wrong;” to save that which is true than to assist into perdition that which is false. Especially ought we to defend character unjustly assailed. A character is something alive, a soul; to rescue it is the salvation of the soul!
Mark Rutherford

OMISSIONS no less than commissions are oftentimes part of injustice.
Marcus Aurelius

CHRIST would never hear of negative morality: thou shalt, was ever His word.
Robert Louis Stevenson


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