June 21

BUT souls that of his own good life partake,
He loves as his own self; dear as his eye
They are to him: He’ll never them forsake:
When they shall die, then God Himself shall die;
They live, they live in blest eternity.
Henry More

A ROOT set in the finest soil, in the best climate and blessed with all that sun and air and rain can do for it, is not in so sure a way of its growth to perfection, as every man may be, whose spirit aspires after all that which God is ready and infinitely desirous to give him. For the sun meets not the springing bud that stretches towards him with half the certainty, as God, the Source of all good, communicates Himself to the soul that longs to partake of Him.
William Law

FEEBLE minds, in apology for their puny growth or premature decay in excellence, complain of the climate in which God has planted them; but where there is any vigour of life, the good seed will not wait to burst, till it be removed to some sunny slope or luxuriant garden of the Lord: give it but a lodgment on the rock, and feed it with the melting snow, and it will start a forest on the hills, climbing with giant feet, fast as the seasons can make steps.
James Martineau


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