June 25

TO do Thy will is more than praise,
As words are less than deeds,
And simple trust can find Thy ways
We miss with chart of creeds.
John G. Whittier

HERE we are in a world of mystery, where all is difficult, and very much dark—where a hundred jarring creeds declare themselves to be The Truth, and all are plausible. How shall a man decide? Let him do the right that lies before him: much is uncertain—some things at least are clear. Whatever else may be wrong, it must be right to be pure—to be just and tender, and merciful and honest. It must be right to love, and to deny one’s-self. Let him do the Will of God, and he shall know. Observe—men begin the other way. They say, If I could but believe, then I would make my life true: if I could but be sure what is truth, then I would set to work to live in earnest. No—God says, Act—make the life true, and then you will be able to believe. Live in earnest, and you will know the answer to “What is Truth?”.
Frederick W. Robertson

MAN is only what he becomes — profound truth; but he becomes only what he is— truth still more profound.
Henri F. Amiel

BUT indeed Conviction, were it never so excellent, is worthless till it convert itself into Conduct.
Thomas Carlyle


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