July 1

BUT he whose heart will bound to mark
The full bright burst of summer morn,
Loves too each little dewy spark
By leaf or floweret worn:
Cheap forms, and common hues, ’tis true,
Through the bright shower-drop meet his view;
The colouring may be of this earth;
The lustre comes of heavenly birth.

Even so, who loves the Lord aright,
No soul of man can worthless find;
All will be precious in His sight;
Since Christ on all hath shined.
John Keble

O BLESSED are they who, for the peace and ornament of life, dare to rely, not on the glories which Solomon affected, but on those which Jesus loved;—glories which even God may behold with complacency—nay, in which He shines Himself; glories of nature, richer than of man’s device; genuine grace, resembling the inimitable beauties of the lilies of the field, painted with the hues of heaven, while bending over the soil of earth.
James Martineau

THE teaching of Christ was the recall of man to Nature, not an infusion of something new into Humanity.
Frederick W. Robertson


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