July 3

WHERE’ER a noble deed is wrought,
Where’er is spoken a noble thought,
Our hearts in glad surprise
To higher levels rise;
The tidal wave of deeper souls
Into our inmost being rolls,
And lifts us unawares
Out of all meaner cares.
Henry W. Longfellow

EGOTISM erects its centre in itself: love places it out of itself in the axis of the universal whole. Love aims at unity, egotism at solitude. Love is the citizen ruler of a flourishing republic, egotism is a despot in a devastated creation. Egotism sows for gratitude, love for the ungrateful. Love gives, egotism lends; and love does this before the throne of judicial truth, indifferent if for the enjoyment of the following moment, or with the view to a martyr’s crown—indifferent whether the reward is in this life or in the next.
John C. F. von Schiller

O HOW unblest are they who have fallen into an incapacity to admire, and bid adieu to the Bolace of a deep reverence; who can take up without awe the leaves scattered on the earth by departed genius, or read of the struggles of liberty without enthusiasm, or follow the good in their pilgrimage of mercy without the heavings of a mighty joy! No grief deserves such pity as the hopeless privations of a scornful heart.
James Martineau


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