July 4

WHO read a chapter when they rise
Shall ne’er be troubled with ill eyes. . . .
Who goes to bed and doth not pray
Maketh two nights to every day.
Who shuts his hand, hath lost his gold:
Who opens it, hath it twice told.
Who by aspersions throw a stone
At the head of others hit their own.
In shallow waters Heaven doth dwell;
Who dives on further may find Hell.
George Herbert

PERHAPS there are no habits so hard to overcome as those of general looseness and want of system. They are often associated with abundant energy. The corners are not shirked through fatigue, but there is an unaccountable persistency in avoiding them, which resolution and preaching are alike unable to conquer. The root of the inconsistency is a desire speedily to achieve results. To keep this desire in subjection, to shut the eyes to results, but patiently to remove the dust to the last atom of it lying in the dark angle, is a good part of self-culture.
Mark Rutherford

AS therefore every night we must make our bed the memorial of our grave, so let our evening thoughts be an image of the day of judgment.
Jeremy Taylor


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