July 12

GO up and watch the new-born rill
Just trickling from its mossy bed,
Streaking the heath-clad hill
With a bright emerald thread.

Canst thou her bold career foretell,
What rocks she shall o’erleap or rend,
How far in ocean’s swell
Her freshening billows send?

Even so, the course of prayer who knows?
It springs in silence where it will,
Springs out of sight, and flows
At first a lonely rill:

But streams shall meet it by-and-by
From thousand sympathetic hearts,
Together swelling high
Their chant of many parts.
John Keble

PRAYER is one of the noblest exercises of Christian religion; or rather, it is that duty in which all graces are concentrated. Prayer is charity, it is faith, it is a conformity to God’s will, a desiring according to the desires of heaven, an imitation of Christ’s intercession; and prayer must suppose all holiness, or else it is nothing; and therefore all that in which men need God’s Spirit, all that is in order to prayer.
Jeremy Taylor

HE who has the fountain of prayer in him will not complain of hazards. Prayer is the recognition of laws; the soul’s exercise and source of strength; its thread of conjunction with them.
George Meredith


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