July 24

ALL service ranks the same with God:
If now, as formerly He trod
Paradise, His presence fills
Our earth, each only as God wills
Can work—God’s puppets best and worst,
Are we; there is no last nor first.
Robert Browning

BUT were it the meanest underservice, if God by His secretary Conscience enjoin it, it were sad for me if I should draw back.
John Milton

ANYTHING man can do may be divinely done.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

THE minds of men are often deceived in their judgments; the lovers of the world too are deceived in loving only things visible. What is a man ever the better, for being by man esteemed great? The deceitful in flattering the deceitful, the vain man in extolling the vain, the blind in commending the blind, the weak in magnifying the weak, deceiveth him; and in truth doth rather put him to shame, while he so vainly praiseth him. “For what every one is in Thy sight, that is he, and no more,” saith humble St. Francis.
Thomas A Kempis


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