July 25

NOT labour kills us, no nor joy:
The incredulity and frown,
The interference and annoy
The small attritions wear us down.
F. B. Money-Coutts

WHO has not observed how wonderfully the mere insect cares, that are ever on the wing in the noonday heat of life, have power to sting and to annoy even the giant minds around which they sport, and to provoke them into the most unseemly war? The finest sense, the profoundest knowledge, the most unquestionable taste, often prove an unequal match for insignificant irritations; and a man whose philosophy subdues nature, and whose force of thought and purpose gives him ascendency over men, may keep, in his own temper, an unvanquished enemy at home.
James Martineau

BE on thy guard, not only in the matter of steady judgment and action, but also in the flatter of gentleness towards those who try to binder or otherwise trouble thee.
Marcus Aurelius


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