August 7

GOD! Thou art love! I build my faith on that,
Even as I watch beside Thy tortured child
Unconscious whose hot tears fall fast by him,
So doth Thy right hand guide us through the world
Wherein we stumble.
Robert Browning

HE whom God sent into the world, to be the Light of the world, and Head of the whole Church, and the perfect example of true religion and virtue, for the imitation of all—the Shepherd whom the whole flock shall follow wherever He goes—even the Lord Jesus Christ, was a person Who was remarkably of a tender and affectionate heart; and His virtue was expressed very much in the exercise of holy affections.
Jonathan Edwards

DID man hold fast this essential truth, they could never feign for God a character they would repudiate for themselves; or suppose a heavenly economy unlike every type of beauty and rectitude revered in their human world; or feel it allowable, in rising to the supernatural, to emerge into the unnatural, and confound the monstrous with the Divine.
James Martineau

OUR God is a household God, as well as a heavenly one. He has an altar in every man’s dwelling; let men look to it when they rend it lightly, and pour out its ashes.
John Ruskin


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