August 8

THERE are who ask not if Thine eye
Be on them; who, in love and truth.
Where no misgiving is, rely
Upon the genial sense of youth:
Glad Hearts! without reproach or blot;
Who do Thy work, and know it not:
Long may the kindly impulse last!
But Thou, if they should totter, teach them to stand fast!
William Wordsworth

HOW will young men put themselves on any company, any society? At first being delighted with evil company, then with the evil of the company.
John Owen

HE who must needs have Company, must needs have sometimes bad Company. Be able to be alone. Loose not the advantage of Solitude, and the Society of thy self, nor be only content, but delight to be alone and single with Omnipresency. He who is thus prepared, the Day is not uneasy nor the night black unto him. Darkness may bound his Eyes, not his Imagination.
Sir Thomas Browne

GOD Himself, I think, is very willing to give one-and-twenty a second chance.
James M. Barrie


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