August 17

FLEE from the press, and dwell with soothfastness;
Suffice thee thy good, though it be small;
For hoard hath hate, and climbing tickleness:
Press hath envy, and wealth is blinded all.
Savour no more than thee behove shall;
Do well thyself that other folk canst rede;
And truth thee shall deliver, it is no dread.
Geoffrey Chaucer

GUIDE not the hand of God, nor order the Finger of the Almighty, unto thy will and pleasure; but sit quiet in the soft showers of Providence, and favorable distributions in this World, either to thyself or others. And since not only Judgments have their Errands, but Mercies their Commissions, snatch not at every favour, nor think thyself passed by, if they fall upon thy Neighbour.
Sir Thomas Browne

IF we listen to our self-love, we shall estimate our lot, less by what it is, than by what it is not; shall dwell on its hinderances, and be blind to its possibilities; and, comparing it only with imaginary lives, shall indulge in flattering dreames of what we should do, if we had but power, and give, if we had but wealth, and be, if we had no temptations. If we yield ourselves to God and sincerely accept our lot as assigned by Him, we shall count up its contents and disregard its omissions, and be it as feeble as a cripple’s and as narrow as a child’s, shall find in it resources of good surpassing our best economy, and sacred claims that may keep awake our highest will.
James Martineau


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