August 21

MORE servants wait on Man
Than he’ll take notice of: in every path
He treads down that which doth befriend him
When sickness makes him pale and wan.
O mighty love! Man is one world, and hath
Another to attend him.
George Herbert

FOR in our health and clearer days, it is easy to talk of putting trust in God; we readily trust Him for life, when we are in health; for provisions, when we have fair revenues; and for deliverance, when we are newly escaped: but let us come to sit upon the margent of our grave, and let a tyrant lean hard upon our fortunes, and dwell upon our wrong; let the storm arise, and the keels toss till the cordage crack, or that all our hopes bulge under us, and descend into the hollowness of sad misfortunes; then can you believe, when you neither hear, nor see, nor feel anything but objections? This is the proper work of sickness: faith is then brought into the theatre; and so exercised, that if it abides but to the end of the contention, we may see the work of faith, which God will crown.
Jeremy Taylor

A MAN who makes progress in prosperity, by adversity learns what progress he has made. For when he has an abundance of these passing goods, he trusts not in them, but when they are withdrawn, he recognizes whether they have not taken hold of him.
St. Augustine


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