August 26

SOME have too muche, yet still do crave;
I little have and seek no more.
They are but poore, though muche they have,
And I am ryche with lyttle store:
They poore, I ryche; they begge, I gyve;
They lack, I leave; they pyne, I lyve.
Sir Edward Dyer

IT is always a consolation to incapable people that their lack of success is due to the absence of chances. From the time of Korah, Dathan, and Abiram—who accused Moses and Aaron of taking too much upon themselves, because every man in the congregation was as holy as his God-selected leaders—it has been a theory, one may even say a religion, with those who have been passed over, that their sole reason for their super-session is an election as arbitrary as that by the Antinomian deity, who, out of pure wilfulness, gives opportunities to some and denies them to others.
Mark Rutherford

LET Age, not Envy, draw Wrinkles on thy Cheeks; be content to be envied, but envy not. Emulation may be plausible, and Indignation allowable; but admit no Treaty with that Passion which no Circumstance can make good. A Displacency at the good of others because they enjoy it, altho’ we do not want it, is an absurd Depravity, sticking fast unto humane Nature from its primitive Corruption; which he that can well subdue, were a Christian of the first Magnitude, and for ought I know, may have one foot already in Heaven.
Sir Thomas Browne


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