September 11

OUR fathers to their graves have gone,
Their strife is past, their triumph won;
But sterner trials wait the race
Which rises in their honoured place;
A moral warfare with the crime,
And folly of an evil time.

So let it be. In God’s own might,
We gird us for the coming fight—
And strong in Him, whose cause is ours,
In conflict with unholy powers,
We grasp the weapons He has given—
The light, and truth, and love of Heaven.
John G. Whittier

ONE of the best signs of our times is the extension, and deepening, and clarifying of this sense of public duty, of our living not for ourselves, of what we owe to those who have served their generation—the practical recognition, in a word, not only that we should love our neighbours as ourselves, but that, according to the interpretation of the word reserved for the Divine Teacher, every man is our neighbour.
Dr. John Brown

LET not the Law of thy Country be the non ultra of thy Honesty; nor think that always good enough which the Law will make good. Narrow not the Law of Charity, Equity, Mercy; joyn Gospel Righteousness with Legal Right; be not a meer Gamaliel in the Faith, but let the Sermon in the Mount be thy Targum unto the Law of Sinai.
Sir Thomas Browne


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