September 15

NO small profit that man earns,
Who through all he meets can steer him,
Can reject what cannot clear him,
Cling to what can truly cheer him;
Who each day more surely learns
That an impulse, from the distance
Of his deepest best existence,
To the words, “Hope, Light, Persistence,”
Strongly sets and truly burns.
Matthew Arnold

INDEED, I can see no dishonesty in not avowing a difference; and especially in these high matters, where we have all a sufficient assurance that, whoever may be in the wrong, we ourselves are not completely right. … I know right well that we are all embarked upon a troublesome world, the children of one Father, striving in many essential points to do and to become the same.
Robert Louis Stevenson

IT is not the differing opinions that is the cause of the present ruptures, but want of charity; it is not the variety of understandings, but the disunion of wills, and affections; it is not the several principles, but the several ends, that cause our miseries; our opinions commence, and are upheld, according as our turns are served, and our interests are preserved; and there is no cure for us but piety and charity.
Jeremy Taylor


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