September 19

THERE’S not a man
That lives who hath not known his godlike hours,
And feels not what an empire we inherit
As natural beings in the strength of nature.
William Wordsworth

EVERY human being has not only the idea of Right; but he himself is capable of Rectitude. We are made not only to admire the Right; for the same faculty, that discerns it as a Universal Law, proclaims it to be our own Supreme Law. Right is not revealed to us as the glory of unapproachable beings, whom we must reverence at a hopeless distance. It is made known to us with the consciousness, that rectitude is bound up with our own lives.
William E. Channing

HOW can thy principles become dead, unless the thoughts which correspond to them are extinguished? But it is in thy power to fan these thoughts into a continuous flame.
Marcus Aurelius


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