September 20

IF there be good in what I wrought,
Thy hand compelled it, Master, Thine;
Where I have failed to meet Thy thought,
I know through Thee the blame is mine.

One stone the more swings to its place
In that dread temple of Thy worth,
It is enough that through Thy grace
I saw naught common on Thy earth.
Rudyard Kipling

WHEN thou lookest upon the imperfections of others, allow one Eye for what is Laudable in them, and the balance they have from some excellency, which may render them considerable. While we look with fear or hatred upon the Teeth of the Viper, we may behold his Eye with love. In venomous Natures something may be amiable. Poysons afford Antipoysons: nothing is totally or altogether uselessly bad.
Sir Thomas Browne

THE great problem of morals—how we are to keep the precept, “Honour all men,” yet see all the meanness of many—is one which only Christian faith can solve.
James Martineau


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