September 21

“WHERE is your God?” they say:
Answer them, Lord most holy!
Reveal Thy secret way
Of visiting the lowly;
Not wrapped in moving cloud,
Or nightly-resting fire;
But veiled within the shroud
Of silent high desire.
James Martineau

WHERE, then, is our God? You say, He is everywhere; then show me anywhere that you have met Him. You declare Him everlasting; then tell me any moment that He has been with you. You believe Him ready to succour them that are tempted, and to lift those that are bowed down: then in what passionate hour did you subside into His calm grace? in what sorrow lose yourself in His “more exceeding” joy? These are the testing questions by which we may learn whether we too have raised our altar to an “unknown God” and pay the worship of the blind; or whether we commune with Him “in whom we live, and move, and have our being.”
James Martineau

A DUNGEON with Christ is a throne; and a throne, without Christ, a hell.
John Owen


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