September 24

I BELIEVE it! ’Tis Thou, God, that givest, ’tis I who receive:
In the first is the last, in Thy will is my power to believe.
All’s one gift: Thou canst grant it moreover, as prompt to my prayer
As I breathe out this breath, as I open these arms to the air.
Robert Browning

NOTHING so marks the degradation of our modern Christianity as the notion that faith is only opinion—that a man may have it or not without affecting his moral worth—that it is the result of intellectual accident or opportunity, for which God will never call him to account. It is, on the contrary, beyond all comparison, the most complete and distinct exponent of a man’s character; and if only we can get to know it, he is revealed to us more clearly than if the whole catalogue of his actions were given to us to read.
James Martineau

TALK of the questions of the day—there is but one question, and that is the Gospel. It can and will correct everything needing correction. My only hope for the world is in bringing the human mind into contact with divine revelation.
William E. Gladstone


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