September 26

THOU judgest us: Thy purity
Doth all our lusts condemn;
The love that draws us nearer Thee
Is hot with wrath of them.
John G. Whittier

UNHAPPY man! Thou bearest about with thee a God, and knowest it not! Thinkest thou I speak of some God of gold and silver, and external to thee? Nay, but in thyself thou dost bear him, and seest not that thou defilest him with thine impure thoughts and filthy deeds. In the presence even of an image of God thou hadst not dared to do one of those things which thou dost. But in the presence of God himself within thee, who seeth and heareth all things, thou art not ashamed of the things thou dost both desire and do. O thou unwitting of thine own nature, and subject to the wrath of God!

AND let no man be deceived as if the contagions of the soul were less than those of the body; they are yet greater; they convey more direful diseases; they sink deeper, and creep on more unsuspectedly.
Francis Petrarch

HURT not your conscience with any known sin.
Samuel Rutherford


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