October 12

MAN must pass from old to new,
From vain to real, from mistake to fact,
From what once seemed good, to what now proves best:
How could man have progression otherwise?
Robert Browning

BRING candid eyes unto the perusal of men’s works, and let not Zoilism or Detraction blast well-intended labours. He that endureth no faults in men’s writings must only read his own, wherein for the most part all appeareth white.
Sir Thomas Browne

AT every moment of our lives we should be trying to find out, not in what we differ from other people, but in what we agree with them.
John Ruskin

IT is almost an axiom in controversy that, to attack one’s adversary personally, is to confess disbelief in one’s cause, where doctrine and not conduct is in question.
Lord Acton

THOSE who never retract their opinions love themselves more than they love truth.
Joseph Joubert


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