October 14

IN the suburb, in the town,
On the railway, in the square,
Came a beam of goodness down
Doubling daylight everywhere.
Peace now each for malice takes,
Beauty for his sinful weeds;
For the angel Hope aye makes
Him an angel whom she leads.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

THE course of this man’s life had been very simple, and yet crowded with events and with manifold activity. The element of his energy was an indestructible faith in God, and in an assistance flowing immediately from him.

Goethe (upon Jung Stilling)

DID you ever hear of a fallen creature made moral by despair?
Frederick W. Robertson

LOOK out for the bright, for the brightest side of things, and keep thy face constantly turned to it.
Jeremy Bentham

DO you know, more people perish from lack of proper self-appreciation than from consumption.
Maxim Gorky


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