October 15

WERE half the power that fills the world with terror,
Were half the wealth bestowed on camps and courts,
Given to redeem the human mind from error,
There were no need of arsenals or forts:

The warrior’s name would be a name abhorred!
And every nation that should lift again
Its hand against a brother, on its forehead
Would wear for evermore the curse of Cain!
Henry W. Longfellow

CAN anything in the world be of so great concern as to provoke us to war, a thing so calamitous and so hateful, that even when it is most righteous no truly good man can approve it . . . . And if you count the cost you will see how, even if you conquer, you lose much more than you gain. What kingdom can you set against the lives and blood of so many thousand men? And yet the greatest amount of the mischief affects those who have no part in the fighting. The advantages of peace reach everybody; while in war, for the most part, even the conqueror weeps; and it is followed by such a train of calamities that there is good reason in the fiction of the poets, that War comes to us from Hell and is sent by the Furies.
Desiderius Erasmus

WAR is the greatest of crimes, when it is not waged for the benefit of mankind, for the sake of a great truth to enthrone, or a great lie to entomb.
Joseph Mazzini


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