October 17

IN youth I looked to these very skies,
And probing their immensities,
I found God there, His visible power;
Yet felt in my heart, amid all its sense
Of that power, an equal evidence
That His love, there, too, was the nobler dower.
For the loving worm within its clod,
Were diviner than a loveless god
Amid his worlds, I will dare to say.
Robert Browning

THERE is something strange and unintelligible in the anxiety of a pretended rationalism to get rid of the inspiring God, to make sure that our nature will be quite let alone, to environ it with an impassable ring fence, and plant sentry boxes of argument all round, to exclude the possible encroachment of anything Divine.
James Martineau

MY friends . . . . I have spoken to you of the great Truth, that the Infinite God is for ever around and within each of you; that our Heavenly Father is interested personally in each one of you; that the Author of the Universe is as near to you as your very life; that the Giver of all Good is incessantly doing you good.
William E. Channing


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