October 26

LIFE may change, but it may fly not;
Hope may vanish, but can die not;
Truth be veil’d, but still it burneth;
Love repulsed,—but it returneth!

Yet were Life a charnel where
Hope lay coffin’d with Despair;
Yet were Truth a sacred lie,
Love were lust—if Liberty

Lent not life its soul of light,
Hope its iris of delight,
Truth its prophet’s robe to wear,
Love its power to give and bear.
Percy B. Shelley

WITHOUT this inward, spiritual freedom, outward liberty is of little worth. What boots it that I am crushed by no foreign yoke, if through ignorance and vice, through selfishness and fear, I want the command of my own mind? The worst tyrants are those which establish themselves in our own breasts. The man who wants force of principle and purpose, is a slave, however free the air he breathes.
William E. Channing

UNLESS that liberty which is of such a kind as arms can neither procure nor take away, which alone is the fruit of piety, of justice, of temperance, and unadulterated virtue, shall have taken deep root in your minds and hearts, there will not long be wanting one who will snatch from you by treachery what you have acquired by arms.
John Milton


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