October 31

O LORD, in me there lieth nought
But to Thy search revealbd lies;
For when I sit
Thou markest it,
No less Thou notest when I rise;
The closest closet of my thought
Hath open windows to Thine eyes.
Sir Philip Sydney

NEVER fear that your wants are forgotten, because the boundless Creation sends up a cry to its common Father, and He has an infinite Family for whom to provide. Never think that your characters are objects of little interest, because innumerable orders of beings of higher attainments and virtues attract the regards of this munificent King. Were you His only creature alive, He could not think of you more constantly and tenderly, or be more displeased with your resistance to duty, or feel more joy in your fidelity to right, than He does now.
William E. Channing

SHOULD we not invariably act in this life as though the God whom our heart desires with its highest desire were watching our every action?
Maurice Maeterlinck



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