November 2

REMEMBER what a martyr said
On the rude tablet overhead!
“I was born sickly, poor and mean,
A slave: no misery could screen
The holders of the pearl of price
From Cæsar’s envy; therefore twice
I fought with beasts, and three times saw
My children suffer by his law;
At last, my own release was earned:
I was some time in being burned,
But at the close a Hand came through
The fire above my head, and drew
My soul to Christ, whom now I see.”
Robert Browning

MEASURE all by the Cross. Do you want success? The Cross is failure. Do you want a name? The Cross is infamy. Is it to be gay and happy that you live? The Cross is pain and sharpness. Do you live that the will of God may be done, in you and by you in life and death? Then and only then the Spirit of the Cross is in you. When once a man has learned that, the power of the world is gone; and no man need bid him, in denunciation or in invitation, not to love the world.
Frederick W. Robertson

CHRIST’S whole life was a Cross and Martyrdom; and dost thou seek rest and joy for thyself?
Thomas A Kempis

THE Cross is the guarantee of the Gospel, therefore it has been its standard.
Henri F. Amiel


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