November 3

OLYMPIAN bards who sung
Divine ideas below,
Which always find us young,
And always keep us so.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

WHATEVER the world thinks, he who hath not much meditated upon God, the human soul, and the summum bonum, may probably make a thriving earthworm, but will most indubitably make a sorry patriot and a sorry statesman.
George Berkeley

IT is not the Truth that a man possesses, or believes he possesses, but the honest pains he has taken to get at truth, which makes a man’s worth. For it is not by the possession of truth, but by the search after it, that his powers are extended, in which alone his ever-growing perfection consists. … If God held all truth in His right hand, and in His left hand simply the ever-active endeavour after truth—even with the condition that I should ever err,—and said to me “Choose!” I should humbly incline to His left, and say “Father, give! for perfect truth is surely for Thee alone!”
Gotthold E. Lessing


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