November 11

SO with the wan, waste, grasses on my spear,
I ride for ever seeking after God.
My hair grows whiter than my thistle plume,
And all my limbs are loose; but in my eyes
The star of an unconquerable praise;
For in my soul one hope for ever sings,
That at the next white corner of a road
My eyes may look on Him.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

CRUCIFY the rebellious self, mortify yourself wholly, give up all to God, and the peace which is not of this world will descend upon you. For eighteen centuries no grander word has been spoken.
Henri F. Amiel

I BLESS God I have been inured to difficulties; and I never found God failing when I trusted in Him.
Oliver Cromwell

IF thou cast away one cross, without doubt thou shalt find another, and that perhaps a more heavy one.
Thomas A Kempis


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