November 12

THESE things shall be! a loftier race
Than e’er the world hath known shall rise
With flame of freedom in their souls
And light of knowledge in their eyes.

They shall be gentle, brave, and strong
To spill no drop of blood, but dare
All that may plant man’s lordship firm,
On earth, and fire, and sea, and air.
John Addington Symonds

EARTH and heaven are for me the lowest and the highest steps of the ladder of human progress. Man is placed upon earth not to vegetate, not to expiate, not to contemplate, but to progress; to walk in the path of life according to the Law of which God has placed the germ in his heart; to accomplish his own education, and that of others, according to the providential design; to manifest; to practise his belief.
Joseph Mazzini

ALL around us is the city of small sins, abounding in backways and retreats, but surely, sooner or later, the towering flame will rise from the harbour announcing that the reign of the cowards is over, and a man is burning his ships.
Gilbert K. Chesterton


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