November 16

THEY know the Almighty’s power,
Who, wakened by the rushing midnight shower,
Watch for the fitful breeze
To howl and chafe amid the bending trees,
Watch for the still white gleam,
To bathe the landscape in a fiery stream;
Touching the tremulous eye with sense of light
Too rapid and too pure for all but angel sight.
John Keble

WISDOM is omnipresent. Everywhere it comes to meet us. It shines in the sun. It irradiates the heavens. It whispers through all sounds of nature. It beams resplendent from the characters of good and wise men, and more brightly still in our own souls. Our teachers are thus all around and within, above and beneath. Divine wisdom is not shut up within any book. It is not heard from pulpits alone. It has better preachers than all ministers. And one great aim of the true minister is to help his hearers to understand wiser teachers than himself, and to open their ears to more harmonious voices.
William E. Channing

THE Finger of God hath left an inscription upon all His works, not graphical or composed by Letters, but of their several forms, constitutions, parts, and operations, which, aptly joyned together, do make one word that doth express their natures.
Sir Thomas Browne


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