December 2

LET all men know, that all men move
Under a canopy of love,
As broad as the blue sky above;
That doubt and trouble, fear and pain,
And anguish, all are shadows vain;
That death itself shall not remain.
Archbishop Trench

BY natural faith I mean the assumption that a Divine Perfection is the everlasting basis of all things, that infinite Thought and Holiness are and ever must be at the helm of affairs, and that the universe is but the phenomenon for expressing God’s eternal reality.
James Martineau

LET us adore Him for the streams of bounty which flow unceasingly from the fountains of His life, to all His countless creatures. But, on the other hand, beware lest in thus enlarging your view of the Infinite One, you lose your hold of the correlative truth—that though all beings of all worlds are His care, though His mind thus embraces the universe, He is yet as mindful of you, as if that universe were blotted out, and you alone survived to receive the plenitude of His care.
William E. Channing


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