December 4

THOU art as much His care, as if beside
Nor man nor angel lived in heaven or earth;
Thus sunbeams pour alike their glorious tide
To light up worlds, or wake an insect’s mirth.
John Keble

IF our merits be above our stations, if our intrinsical value be greater than what we go for, or our value than our valuation, and if we stand higher in God’s than in the Censor’s Book; it may make some equitable balance in the inequalities of this World, and there may be no such vast Chasm or Gulph between disparities as common measures determine. The Divine Eye looks upon high and low differently from that of men.
Sir Thomas Browne

AND such is our God. He is the God of All, and yet He is my God. At the same moment He pervades heaven and earth, takes charge of the sustenance, progress, and growing happiness of the unbounded creation, and He is present with me, as intent upon my character, actions, wants, trials, joys, and hopes, as if I were the sole object of His love.
William E. Channing