December 5

WITHOUT Thy presence earth gives no fection;
Without Thy presence sea affords no treasure;
Without Thy presence air’s a rank infection:
Without Thy presence heaven itself s no pleasure
If not possessed, if not enjoyed in Thee,
What’s earth, or sea, or air, or heaven to me?
Francis Quarles

TO thoughtful Observators the whole World is a Phylactery, and everything we see an Item of the Wisdom, Power, or Goodness of God. Happy are they who verify their Amulets, and make their Phylacteries speak in their Lives and Actions.
Sir Thomas Browne

THERE is but one thing needful—to possess God. All our senses, all our powers of mind and soul, all our external resources, are so many ways of approaching the Divinity, so many modes of tasting and of adoring God. We must learn to detach ourselves from all that is capable of being lost, to bind ourselves absolutely only to what is absolute and eternal, and to enjoy the rest as a loan, a usufruct.
Henri F. Amiel


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