December 11

BUT heard are the Voices,
Heard are the Sages,
The Worlds and the Ages:
Choose well; your choice is
Brief, and yet endless.

Here eyes do regard you,
In Eternity’s stillness;
Here is all fulness,
Ye brave, to reward you;
Work, and despair not.
Johann W. von Goethe

FOR thy soul’s sake, consider and tell thyself, if thy estate in the world did lie upon the spending of this day or week, or if thy life lay on it, so that thou must live or die, be poor or rich, sick or well, as thou spendest it, wouldst thou then waste it in dressings, or compliment, or play? wouldst thou find any time to spend on impertinent triflings? Or rather wouldst thou not be up betimes, and about thy business, and turn by thy games and thy diverting company, and disappoint thine idle visitors, and let them find that thou art not to be spoken with, nor at leisure to than be undone?
Richard Baxter

OUR hard entrance into the world, our miserable going out of it, our sickness, disturbances, and sad encounters in it, do clamorously tell us we come not into the world to run a race of delight, but to perform the sober acts and serious purposes of man.
Sir Thomas Browne


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