December 17

THE sun set, but set not his hope:
Stars rose; his faith was earlier up:
Fixed on the enormous galaxy,
Deeper and older seemed his eye;
And matched his sufferance sublime
The taciturnity of time.
He spoke, and words more soft than rain
Brought the Age of Gold again:
His action won such reverence sweet
As hid all measure of the feat.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

NOW see what a Christian is, drawn by the hand of Christ. He is a man on whose clear and open brow God has set the stamp of truth: one whose very eye beams bright with honour; in whose very look and bearing you may see freedom, manliness, veracity: a brave man. . . . Young men! if you have been deterred from religion by its apparent feebleness and narrowness, Remember—It is a manly thing to be a Christian.
Frederick W. Robertson

NO sublimer spectacle do I know on earth than the faculties of a grand and passionate nature, as in a Socrates or a Paul, falling into stillness before the face of God, and by the awful light of His countenance turned from a stormy nobleness into a loving and working power.
James Martineau


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