January 5

SUM up at night what thou hast done by day,
And in the morning what thou hast to do;
Dress and undress thy soul; mark the decay
And growth of it; if with thy watch that too
Be down, then wind up both; since we shall be
Most surely judged, make thy accounts agree.
George Herbert

LET every one examine his own thoughts, and he will find them all busied about the past and the future. We seldom think of the present, and, if we do, it is in order to reflect it upon the fenre. The present is never the end in view: the past and present are our means, the future alone is our end. Thus we never live, but are always hoping to live; and by always planning our happiness, it is inevitable that we never compass it.
Blaise Pascal

IF thou canst not continually recollect thyself, yet do it sometimes, at the least once a day, namely, in the morning or at night. In the morning fix thy good purpose; and at night examine thyself what thou hast done, how thou hast behaved thyself in word, deed, and thought; for in these perhaps thou hast oftentimes offended icon God and thy neighbour.
Thomas à Kempis


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