January 14

I WAS a stricken deer that left the herd
Long since; with many an arrow deep infixed
My panting side was charged, when I withdrew
To seek a tranquil death in distant shades.
There was I found by one who had himself
Been hurt by the archers. In his side he bore
And in his hands and feet the cruel scars,
With gentle force soliciting the darts,
He drew them forth and healed and bade me live.
William Cowper

IF wearied by the world of pleasure or of toil, I wish to find my soul again and live a deeper life; I can accept no other Guide and Master than Jesus Christ, because in Him alone optimism is without frivolity, and seriousness without despair.
A. Sabatier

FOR though our Saviour’s Passion is over, his Compassion is not. That never fails his humble, sincere disciples: in Him, they find more than all that they lose in the World.
William Penn


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