January 28

IN brief, acquit thee bravely, play the man;
Look not on pleasures as they come, but go;
Defer not the least virtue; life’s poor span
Make not an ell by trifling in thy woe.
If thou do ill, the joy fades, not the pains;
If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains.
George Herbert

THERE are three things to which man is born—labour, sorrow, and joy. Each of these three things has its baseness and its nobleness. There is base labour and noble labour. There is base sorrow and noble sorrow. There is base joy and noble joy. But you must not think to avoid the corruption of these things by doing without the things themselves. Nor can any life be right that has not all three. Labour without joy is base. Sorrow without labour is base. Joy without labour is base.
John Ruskin

A MAN shall and must be valiant; he must march forward and quit himself like a man —trusting imperturbably in the appointment and choice of the upper Powers; and, on the whole, not fear at all. Now and always, the completeness of his victory over Fear will determine how much of a man he is.
Thomas Carlyle


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