February 10

THAT which thy sires to thee have handed down
By thine own labour make again thine own.
Whate’er it is thou dost not use, will be
A heavy burden and a load to thee.
Only what from the present moment springs,
Created in the present, profit brings.
Johann W. Von Goethe

FEEL something of thyself in the noble Acts of thy Ancestors, and find in thine own Genius that of thy Predecessors. Rest not under the Expired merits of others, shine by those of thy own. Flame not like the central fire which enlightens no Eyes, which no Man seeth, and most men think there’s no such thing to be seen. Add one Ray unto the common lustre; add not only to the Number but the Note of thy Generation; and prove not a Cloud but an Asterisk in thy Region.
Sir Thomas Browne

THERE is no use of writing of things past unless they can be made, in fact, things present; not yesterday at all, but simply to-day and of what it holds of fulfilment and of promise is ours; the dead ought to bury their dead, ought they not?
Thomas Carlyle


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