February 14

LORD, purge our eyes to see
Within the seed a tree,
Within the glowing egg a bird,
Within the shroud a butterfly:
Till taught by such, we see
Beyond all creatures Thee.
Christina Rossetti

THE re-building of this bridge between science and human nature is one of the greatest needs mankind. We have all to show that before go on to any visions or creations we can be tented with a planet of miracles.
G. K. Chesterton

NOW that I have no longer any sense for the transitory and perishable, the universe appears before my eyes under a transformed aspect. The dead, heavy mass which did but stop up space has vanished, and in its place there flows onward, with rushing music of mighty waves, an eternal stream of life, and power, and action, which issues from the original source of all life,—from Thy life, O Infinite One! for all life is Thy life, and only the religious eye penetrates to the realm of true Beauty.
J. G. Fichte

DEPEND upon it, it is not the want of greater miracles, but of the soul to perceive such as allowed us still, that makes us push all the sanctities into the far spaces we cannot reach.
James Martineau


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