March 1

NOT stirring words, nor gallant deeds alone,
Plain patient work fulfilled that length of life;
Duty, not glory; service, not a throne,
Inspired his effort, set for him the strife.
Arthur H. Clough

IN every duty that God enjoins He marks out the way to Perfection; in every rebuke of conscience He warns us to turn from the way of death. By change, disappointment, affliction, bereavement, He seeks to win us from what is fugitive to the one true Eternal End. The most fallen human being is summoned by an inward voice to repent; and he should trust in God, that if he will listen to this voice, he shall be restored, strengthened, comforted, cheered with hope from the merciful Father, and raised from his degradation to an angel’s glory.
William E. Channing

EACH present conviction, each secret suggestion of duty, constitutes a distinct and separate call of God, which can never be slighted without the certainty of its total departure or its fainter return.
James Martineau


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