March 20

I LIFT my heart to Thee,
Saviour Divine,
For Thou art all to me,
And I am Thine.
Is there on earth a closer bond than this—
That “my Beloved’s mine, and I am His”?
Charles E. Mudie

TOO late I loved Thee, Thou Beauty, so ancient and yet so new! too late I loved Thee! Yet, lo! Thou wast within my heart, whilst I, wandering abroad, sought Thee outside; I, unlovely, rushing heedlessly among the things of beauty Thou hadst made. Thou wast with me, but I was not with Thee. Things held me far from Thee, which, if not in Thee, were nowhere to be found. Thou didst call to me, and cry aloud, and so burst through my deafness. In flashes and in splendour didst Thou gleam and put to flight my blindness. Odours didst Thou shed forth, and I drew in my breath, and now I pant for Thee, I tasted, and I hunger and thirst. Thou touchedst me and I burned for Thy peace.
St. Augustine

MEN may Tire themselves in a Labyrinth of Search, and talk of God: But if we would know Him indeed, it must be from the Impressions we receive of Him; and the softer our Hearts are, the deeper and livelier those will be upon us.
William Penn


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