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Not from a vain or shallow thought,
His awful Jove young Phidias brought;
Never from lips of cunning fell
The thrilling Delphic oracle.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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introductionI HAVE to acknowledge my indebtedness to Mr. Austin Dobson for permission to reprint “Angel Court;” to Mr. Lloyd Osbourne for a like courtesy in connection with “The Celestial Surgeon,” by Robert Louis Stevenson; to Messrs. Longmans, Green, & Co. for allowing me to use a sonnet from the selected poems of G. J. Romanes; and to my wife for invaluable help in the preparation of this wholly catholic collection.

R. M-S.



Richard Mudie-Smith 1877 – 1916

Richard Mudie-Smith was born in 1877. Son of Samuel Smith, of Seamer, Yorkshire, and Susan Elizabeth, daughter of James Mudie, of Arbroath, N.B.

He  was educated at Kent College, Canterbury. He was a fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, and worked as assistant editor of the Examiner, 1901. Mudie-Smith was on the staff of the Daily News 1902 – 1906, and 1910 – 1912. He was also assistant editor of Nation 1907, and editor of the London Missionary Society’s publications, 1907 – 1909. From 1902 to 1903 he organised and superintended a census of Public Worship in London and Greater London on behalf of the Daily News. He also organised an exhibition of Sweated Home Industries of the United Kingdom for the same paper, 1906, which resulted in the passing of the Trade Boards Act. The terms ‘sweated’ or ‘sweating’ referred to jobs which involved long working hours, low wages and working under insanitary conditions.


Cardboard box making, 1906

This photograph of box makers working at home is from ‘Sweated industries, being a handbook of the Daily News exhibition’ by Richard Mudie-Smith, 1906. Sweated workers were known as ‘white slaves’ because of their low wages and long hours. The Sweated Home Industries exhibition was visited by hundreds of people and contributed to the passing of the Trade Boards Act.

His publications include:

  1. The Religious Life of London (1904)
  2. Handbook of the ‘Daily News’ Industries’ Exhibition, May 1906 (1906)
  3. Sweated Industries (1906)
  4. Thoughts For the Day (1906)
  5. The Heart of Things: Passages from the Writings of FW Robertson (1912)